Vital Blue!

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Today I will paint my accent wall! I went to Lowes and bought a quart of vital blue paint. As things would go, I learned that the lime green paint currently on my wall would need a primer on top of it before I could start painting. The reason the tech gave me was that it is too bold of a color. So whatever, I bought the primer. 😉

Fast forward two hours. The primer has been drying for an hour at this point. I’ll let it dry for a few more hours and put a coat of vital blue paint up today.

I’m excited about my progress! I am excited about my creative space. And I am psyched about the vital blue accent wall!


What was.



Going Live…

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For the longest time I have left on auto. What I mean is I did not do my part and update my website regularly with new work. I wanted to believe that the work I was getting was proof enough that my website was not a deciding factor in whether or not I would get jobs. From a professional standpoint, I was wrong. Maintaining  my website should not be based on whether my clients frequent my website, it should be based on my standards for excellence and keep the site fresh. My resolution for this year is to be consistent in all things that I am currently involve in professionally and personally. The list is long, but know that maintaining my website is definitely a top priority of mine.

Feeling determined,


What is Possible?

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I am in my home studio space. I am nervous. I am excited. It is freeing to have a place to express my thoughts and share my passion with those whose  path may cross mine. Consequently, I do feel a huge weight on my shoulders to produce work that is speaks to what I see and feel as an artist. Nevertheless, I am encouraged to challenge myself in this open forum of creative potential.

So what is possible in my 10 x 10 creative space?

  • Creative still life
  • Single person shoots
  • Practice space
  • Creative planning zone
  • Blogging
  • Staged creative expressions

I am psyched by what I have readily identified. I believe there is so much more that I will discover once I begin the work!

Feeling inspired,





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I saw a dog in the distance or is it just my abstract nature taking over!


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…I couldn’t help but wonder where the rainbow ends today. For a moment I was caught up thinking where if I got there would I still be able to see it. Would I be surrounded in its rays and really just how far away is it? I was definitely caught up…:) for a moment!


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It is not a myth!


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…trying to salvage what I can.