What Does Failure in Nature Look Like?

As a photographer, I believe I am led to make certain photographs. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I believe there is something that drives me behind that creation. I comply. I create. Inevitably when I try to create something aesthetically pleasing, occassionally I fail at it. To this point, I went out yesterday after work searching and sifting through the city looking for that image that spoke to me on a metaphysical level. I should mention I was freezing on my trek to make a photograph. Nevertheless, my efforts did not produce anything. I failed.

This thinking has led me down a path synonymous with landscape and nature photography. It’s the flavor of the month right now. I’m enjoying this brand of photography. But I digress, back to my question of what in nature fails? As a human I fail at something everyday. Whether it’s at making a complete lesson plan that reaches every student or meeting my personal obligation to losing some weight, I fail in some area daily. As an artist I want to express that, but how? How can I express that through the medium of photography with nature as my muse? Where is the failure in nature? Is it accessible? How do I express my imperfection artistically?




~ by Natrodisiac on February 7, 2018.

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