Why Pictures?

I have asked myself that question a million times myself. The best way to answer that question is to tie it in with poetry. I enjoy writing poems as much as I enjoy taking pictures. In both genres (photography and poetry) you have to be sensitive to things that are normally overlooked. You have to be patient with yourself and vision as you capture a fleeting thought.  Your aim (subject matter) must be in plain sight free from noise (distractions) that are continuous and ever-present. A poem that is filled with noise makes reading it feel like a chore, as viewing a picture with several themes can be distracting. As I grow in photography I get that more and more. My goal is to make my work as unique as a fingerprint but as common as the hand that made it. So to the original question, why pictures? I would say it is because I care about memories, I value birthdays, and I enjoy an interesting story. Simply put, life matters.


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